Sensitive to the other’s “liveliness”

It is Alain Damasio who uses this word, the “lively”, and gives it a poetic dimension, just as he gives it a right of quote, in his book entitled Les Furtifs. The “lively” is the living within us. It is what makes us human and self-sufficient.

This “lively” is what leads me to tell you about Alicia.

Alicia is a professional photographer. The pictures you will discover while browsing through her FB show families on the move, infants at home, countryside warm weddings, sometimes professional portraits. And that’s precisely what doesn’t set her apart from other photographers.

Alicia’s singularity lies in her ability to capture the intimate in photography, with delicate respect, modesty and accuracy. The heart of her art lies, according to me, in the boudoir or dudoir sessions and in her volunteer work for Souvenange*.

Alicia works there without filter, in the primary and figurative sense. She takes what is, focusing on your “lively”. Indeed, she knows how to photograph vulnerability because she is not afraid of it. She has tamed it. And from it she draws touching portraits of life, rare portraits. What follows needs no words. I invite you to discover her work.