It all starts with a WhatsApp conversation amongst friends, sharing content to put joy into our confined world of today.

Fred shows the Instagram publications of Celeste Barber, an Australian woman producing, with the means at hand, an interpretation of the professional photographs we are served with in fashion magazines and celebrity blogs.

One particular publication caught my attention. Here it is:

… which, in turn, makes me think of a self-portrait from Francis Bacon:

© The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. DACS 2018

Then the following questions arise:
What is beauty? When does beauty become ridiculous? And then, when does the ridiculous become beautiful? Consequently, what would be the tipping point for me?
What do these three images have in common? Besides, what makes them different?
And what assumptions do I make about what makes them different? When knowing these assumptions, how does it change my perception of these three images?

And what about you? What’s your view on beauty?

Celeste Barber’s website  and her Instagram account 

Official Francis Bacon estate website