Professional coaching

Photo de Phuong KUHN, coach de managers et de dirigeants à Strasbourg et environs

Profound changes, meaning at work, professional relations, career transition...
In need of a clearer picture?
It is possible and it is our role.

At times we would like some things to change, without knowing what to do to initiate the change.
The answers may be there, close at hand.
We help you let them emerge and then guide you to put them into action.

We work for senior executives and managers
from family-run companies and corporations.

We accompany entrepreneurs and vocational retrainers.

We have confidence in your abilities.
We know how to mobilize them to find effective solutions.
Solutions that are just like you.

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…who is the fairest one of all?

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Our range of services

They adjust to your needs and challenges

Wishing to go

Let’s find access to the immensity of your knowledge, so that the solutions are deeply and lastingly suitable for you.
This is our core business.

We offer three types of support, all flexible:

1. Individual flash session
(duration of 45 minutes)
For everyday worries: replying to an irritating e-mail, announcing a delay, expressing a misunderstanding.

2. A 4 to 10 session course
(duration 1 to 2 hours per session)
For topics requiring further study: reorienting one’s career, taking up a new position, reorganising the company.

3. Monthly conversations
(duration 1 to 2 hours per session)
For those of you who wish to step back every once in a while and to prepare for the future. We bring academic and business content to help you switch your thinking, and find alternative ways to day to day routine.

NB: We will send you an estimate after the first meeting.

your team ?

We turn your seminars into memorable moments to experience the team in a different way.

Give your employees a breath of fresh air. Allow them to take ownership of the strategic orientations.
Give them the opportunity to bring their creativity to work.
Encourage cooperation.
Give yourself the right to be surprised and fully supported.

We offer three options:

1. Meeting facilitation
You provide the program, the content, the room and the logistics. We provide the animation to allow you to be fully present during the seminar.

2. Seminar
We listen to your wishes and needs and then we propose a program: presentations, workshops, guests, rhythm of the day, location. And we animate the seminar.

3. The extraordinary experience
These are specially crafted for you and will take you to places you have never been before.

NB: We will send you an estimate after the first meeting.

your knowledge?

As consultants, we carry out a diagnosis of your company’s practices. Then we submit an optimization plan to you.

As trainers, we equip you to become excellent managers so that you contribute both to performance and well-being of your team.

Find out more:

1. Consulting services
We come in immersion in your premises and on the field to observe with suspended judgement the practices of the company.
Then we draw up a report of astonishment, before suggesting other paths to explore.

2. Training of professionals
We respond to the various ways of learning with a mix between theory and practice.

You will (re) discover theories and models of management.
You will practice in an environment without much stake.
You will acquire academic and experiential knowledge.

NB: We will send you an estimation after the first interview.

Our first interview can be physical or digital.

It will be free of charge.

    What situation are you in?

    We are here to help you make real progress.


    "I am really struggling with some people" ...
    How about getting back to healthy relationships?

    Whether it’s with a boss,
    a colleague, a customer or a supplier, it is sometimes difficult to make oneself understood or to understand others. To prevent the situation from escalating to the point where it is no longer possible to work together,
    initiate the rebuilding of your relationship.


    "I am tired of my work" ...
    How about you re-enchant your career?

    Do you ever get confused about why you do what you do? Do you regret the time when you found interest in your activities? Do you have
    the feeling of being drowned under the guidelines
    and taken away from your core business?
    Give meaning to your career. Identify your room for manoeuvre. Find new energy and motivation at work.


    "This is a major change that I am going through" ...
    What if you knew how to handle the transition?

    You get promoted, you change jobs,
    your company grows rapidly, or undertakes reorganization, you are affected by a social plan, you need to modify your strategic plan.
    Find and then take actions that will facilitate the transition for you and your entourage.


    "I feel lonely with my professional worries" ...
    Why don't you find a listening ear?

    The loneliness of the leader is very real.
    So are his/ her responsibilities.
    Meet a former senior executive to share your concerns, to confront your ideas and to bring out new ones.

    Any other issues that need to be addressed? Let's have a call and talk about them directly.

      Our working method is special.

      It uses the implicit.

      The implicit is useful to all of us, every day. It guides most of our actions. It tells us to reach out to say hello, to pull out a chair to sit down, to open the window when it’s hot, without thinking or reasoning.

      Implicitness is enriched at every moment, by all the experiences you have had since your earliest childhood. This spontaneously acquired knowledge is immense. And it is yours.

      We suggest that you use it in addition to your rationality in order to unravel complex subjects more easily.

      Together, let us use your inner wisdom to unveil its teachings.

      If you wish to learn more about the implicit, you can consult the certification memorandum (in French) “Implicitness and coaching”, available in the Selection of memorandums, here.

      They testify to our collaboration…

      Our ethics

      We are trained and certified in professional coaching.
      We are supervised in our practice.
      All our services are subject to a quote and a contract.
      We have an obligation of means with regard to our customers.
      We keep the confidentiality of our exchanges.
      We respect men and women in their diversity.
      We respect their sovereignty.
      We are attentive to the potential occurrence of conflicts of interest and we treat them openly.

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